Core transformation of animators and few privileged HMs of FMA – INK


Core transformation of animators and few privileged HMs of FMA – INK


A Seminar on “Core Transformation”, was conducted for the Superiors and a few Headmistresses of our Province by Rev. Fr. Jose Kuttianimattathil SDB, from the 23rd – 25th August in the Provincial House, Bangalore.  All the participants were very much appreciative of the seminar and were loud in their praises.

Fr. Jose started the series of talks with simple exercises like:

  • Finding the word that was printed in block on a piece of paper.  It had actually two words – GOOD AND EVIL, one merging into the other.  Most of us were able to locate only one or the other.
  • Counting the number of ‘fs’ in a given sentence.  Half of us got it wrong
  • Asking us to read a passage of jumbled up words, which we in our cleverness read it the correct sense, while Father intended us to read as it is.
  • Reading a passage and making us to answer the questions that were asked at the end.  Again many of us were not able to retain our memory and answered them wrong.
  • Writing down one of the three sentences given on a piece of paper.  Most of us left out the extra word, thinking that it was wrongly printed.

Through above mentioned practical exercises Fr. Jose Proved that most of us are most of the times blind, deaf, unable to count and write. He then asked us ,”being educators for many years if this is your performance how could you expect your students to perform well?”

These exercises were done to make us aware, how in spite of our willingness and our effort to do things right, we can go wrong and how we need to excuse others when they make mistakes.  We create our world and we live, operate, act, think, and talk from the world we create.  When we change our mind set, the world around us will be changed. Change should come from within oneself. Most of the time we try hard to change others or the situations not realising that change should begin in oneself.

Father then proceeded to the main body of his talk.  There are two levels of consciousness in us – the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind.  The Conscious Mind operates in the following spheres: Planning, Will Power, Critical Thinking, Short Term Memory, Judgements/ Decisions, while the Unconscious Mind operates in spheres:  Habits and Patterns, Automatic Body Functions, Cellular Memory, Creativity, Emotions, Protections, Long Term Memory.

Positive Intention:  One of the Principles of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is “Positive Intention”.   It states that “at some level all behaviour is ‘positively intended’.  Another way to say it is that all behaviour serves a positive purpose.  We do evil actions even though we have good intentions because there are only a few limited choices to achieve the intention.  The change will take place easily, if we are able to perceive viable options.  For this we need to see/generate as many alternatives as possible.

Core Transformation Process:   The benefits of doing CTP (Core Transformation Process) extend farther than just changing an unwanted behaviour, feeling or response.  We also have the opportunity to come to a greater wholeness within, where our thoughts, feelings and actions are in harmony and naturally support each other.  Most of us judge the unconscious parts of ourselves that are directing our unwanted behaviours, feelings and responses as ‘problems’.  When we are judgemental with ourselves we create a poor relationship with the “parts” that run the behaviours we do not like, creating an inner disharmony.  The first step toward communicating with “parts” is learning to appreciate them for the positive outcomes they want for us.

Parental Timeline Re-imprinting

Father told us that once we have discovered something as powerful and transforming as Core States, it makes sense to utilize them in many ways.  In this exercise, he said, we will learn how to use these gifts from within to transform and heal our past. It is done by giving the Core States to our inner parents and grandparents through the Parental Timeline Re-imprinting Process.  It is a three phase process:

Phase 1:  Giving our grandparents our Core States and then letting our parents fully absorb the Core States from our grandparents as they grow up.

Phase 2:  Absorbing the Core States from our parents as we grow up.

Phase 3:  Grounding our Core States by going through our timeline with them already there within us, to transform our sense of all that “really” happened to us.

We found it very useful   as they went through the exercises to deal with their problems and find solutions.  Participants were grouped as clients and guides. After each session the guides efficiently guided the clients to find their core state and solve their problems.  Walking on the ti  me line was very enriching and healing experience


EFT  (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

This exercise is done to remove any emotional problems or pain that we experience in our body.  Pains miraculously disappeared from those participants who volunteered to do the exercise with Father.  It consists in tapping the pressure points using the index and middle fingers while repeating the reminder phrase (one or two words summarizing the problem, e.g. pain on the shoulder; anger towards my friend etc.)

During the whole of the three-day session mind-relaxing music was played through out.  There were also power-point presentations for prayer moments and three songs were learned and sung at various intervals that not only enlivened us but also re-juvenated our latent energy and our self-worth.  We also had an exercise on comparing our life with a life of a river and comparing to our lives.  It was presented through a power-point and we were asked to sketch a river of our own life which was offered at the offertory. The three-day experience was something un-imaginable.  Father took us deep into the core of ourselves and taught us how to transform it so that we may live whole-some lives.

All the animators went back to the communities vibrant and enthusiastic determined to continue the exercises that there will be a total transformation of ourselves.

Sr. Maria Goretti