Glacing at INM

header - CopyWe the Salesian Sisters are the living monument of Don Bosco’s gratitude to Mary Help of Christians, for his vocation to be the sign and bearer of God’s Love to the needy youth. We are called as “Daughters of Mary Help of Christians” and known as “Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco” Our Charism is in favour of poor young girls and women. The changing trend of the cyber space and its mounting speeds leaves us with no other option but to brace ourselves with greater and deeper spiritual storage of energy and a credibility of personal sanctity with adequate competence as educators relevant to the times.

Standing at the cross roads of life with an immensity of signs and signals which attract the young to many a dangerous venture, we feel called together to be sure signs of God’s predilicted love for the young, assuring them constantly of our companionship and friendship in their life journey. In the whole hearted self-giving do our hearts find joy and our lives discover new meaning.

Today, the Auxilium Salesian Sisters Society is non-governmental Organization, Registered in India under the Society Act of 1975, legally constituted as a Non profitable entity that works with a vision in Tamil Nadu for the integral promotion of poor young women in formal and non-formal education centres as FMA educators and organizers of women groups without any distinction of caste, creed and language, in the INM Province of St. Thomas the Apostle, S. India.

Our Target Group- For whom we work:

Our mission is addressed

To children and young girls of villages, slums, hills (Tribals), towns and cities
For the Poor illiterate, fisher-folk, unemployed rural women and urban areas.
For the Street girls of Marialaya.
For the Young girls in the craft centres and Needle work centres

The Origin of the Province of Chennai (Madras)

The Origin of the Province of Chennai     In 1922 – the Golden Jubilee of FMA Institute. Our Lady offers a golden gift of the Asian Mission to the FMAs. Asia is vast multitude of diverse ethnic groups, cultures, languages and scripts, religious, spiritual traditions, historical memories, economic situations and political systems. The lucky Six Pioneers of the first batch of Missionaries to India landed at the Gateway of India on November 22nd. After 50 years Our Lady invites FMAs to Asia repeating “They too are mine”. On the day dedicated to her, 24th of November the Six ardent missionaries were joyousely received by the natives into the first house in Thanjaur, South India. “This is my house. From where my glory shall go forth” She seemed to say. And so it is.

From down South it took root and spread to North India – Assam and further on to other countries of the far East – Japan and Siam – the present Thailand. Japan in turn gave birth to China, Philippians and Korea. And today in India itself we have multiplied into 6 Provinces:

A journey of robust faith of Six frail women who have set ablaze a trail of patoral love, sowing seeds of tenderness in the soil of the young minds to reap a harvest of educative fecundity among the young people of India and in particular Tamil Nadu.

The first Six sisters believed in education as one of the most powerful means of social transformation. Their specific method of education is the “Preventive System” – Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness which is the hallmark and Spirituality of our Charism. Infant schools, a work of charity that is meant to prevent and prepare rather than repent and repair. They preferred the little ones so that they could help them to walk along the right path. They faithfully followed Christ who emptied himself to be, in solidarity with the poor, marginalised, oppressed, outcast and downtrodden people.


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