Mother Yvonne Encounters Community Animators

  On 4 April 2017, Mother Yvonne met the thirty one Sisters consisting of the Provincial, Provincial Council and Community Animators. At the outset Mother greeted everyone present with a warm and motherly embrace.

In her encounter with them she opened up her motherly heart guiding and encouraging them to carry out their mission which is entrusted to them particularly as community leaders. She asked them to be happy animators everyday; saying to find out at least one reason to be happy for. Further, she said that to be an animator is not an honour but is a service to the community; the Laity, the young people and the Sisters. She went on to say that if the work that is done is not accompanied by spiritual life it would not bear fruit. She also reminded the Sisters that the young people should see in them that they are consecrated persons and hence they help them feel the presence of God.

An uninterupted session of more than two hours was indeed a deep sharing of Mother Yvonne which really flowed from her motherly heart. The Sisters listened to her with rapt attention; it was as if they were drinking from the unceasing fountain of spiritual depth and a loving heart of the Mother. The session concluded with a group photo along with ‘La Madre’.

For more photos please click here


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