We behold our Mother!

 Shillong Province resounded with joy and gratitude at the presence of our beloved Mother General, Sr. Yvonne Reungoat in their midst. 5 April 2017 saw fifty-three sisters who were privileged to meet Mother at Auxilium Provincial House, Nongthymmai – Shillong. Mother warmly welcomed each and every sister present with a motherly embrace.

The session began with a hymn to the Holy Spirit. In her encounter with the Sisters, La Madre expressed her joy of being among her daughters. Her talk was very simple but deep and meaningful, coming from a mother’s tender love and affection for her daughters and the Institute. She reminded the sisters that our life is characterized by our consecration to Jesus not by the works we do. We are good educators only if we are deeply rooted in Christ. Our Constitutions give us everything we need for our practical life. She also laid stress on Love, which should be the driving force of all that we do in our daily life. With love, everything is possible. She urged every sister to live fraternity and family spirit in the communities. From her talk, one could understand that Mother keeps herself updated with what is going on in the Church, in our country and our Province. Above all she infused a missionary spirit in the Sisters and encouraged them to opt for missionary ad gentes. Mother Yvonne exalted Mother Mazzarello for her courage to send sisters to South America even though there was great need in Mornese and in a time when the Institute just at its nascent stage.

She concluded with a recommendation to assimilate the Encyclical of Pope Francis entitled Amoris Laetitia to be able to accompany families in our mission and the preparatory booklet for the Synod on the Young to accompany them in their journey. The sisters thanked mother for her filial exhortation and guidance.

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Mother in the midst of the exuberant Auxilium Students

5 April 2017 marked the visit of our beloved La Madre to Auxilium Higher Secondary School. There was indescribable joy and excitement as students lined up from the entrance waiting for the esteemed guest. With a threat from the inclement weather one could see the little ones pray with great devotion to hold back the rain.

Mother made her appearance with an enchanting smile that left everyone spellbound. Sr. Isabella Suja Provincial, Sr. Elizabeth Thannimoottil Animator of the community along with some sisters accompanied her. The NCC cadets gave a piloting welcome to Mother and escorted her to the podium in a grand style.

It was a lovely sight to behold the rapturous applause of love and welcome when Mother arrived at the venue and was felicitated with a shawl, bouquet of flower, a memento and a gift. Honouring the revered Mother of the FMA World, the students put up a short but beautiful programme. The love of the young for mother was so evident; they were simply hanging on every word she uttered. They interrupted her talk every now and then with loving applause. In her massage, Mother Yvonne said it was a great joy for her to be with the young at Auxilium, Shillong.

Mother told them that they are part of the family of the Salesian world; the Salesian sisters who are in the five continents are looking up at them these days because they have become the heart of the world.

With this mother exhorted the young students to have a heart as big as the world, heart of love for all people and to think, see, listen, speak, walk and smile like Jesus. Further, she reminded them that they must be his presence in the city of Shillong. She concluded her talk saying, ‘I love you’ and to this the student responded ever louder ‘We love you mother.’

There was so much of joy on the faces of all and the students expressed their desire to remain a little longer with Mother. They did not want to let go off her hands, singing happy song ‘there shall be showers of blessing, waving their hand while trying to get a touch from her. The majestic figure of Mother Yvonne captivated every heart and she too expressed her willingness to fulfill the desire of all the young people who crowded her. Her presence like a magnet draws all young people to her in the style of simplicity, as did Mother Mazzarello.

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First Holy Eucharist in the presence of La Madre

  The evening of 4 April 2017 saw the first Holy Eucharist celebrated in the presence of our beloved Mother General. The Archbishop of Shillong Archdiocese, Rev Dominic Jala presided over the Holy Eucharist and concelebrated by Fr. Glorious Syiemlieh SDB Parish Priest of Divine Saviour Parish, Nongthymmai.

At the start of the celebration, he expressed his appreciation to Sr. Isabella Suja Provincial who invited him to celebrate the Holy Mass on this day. He assured   prayers for the success of the visit of Mother General Sr. Yvonne Ruengoat to the province and invited everyone to pray for the people who are suffering due to the inclement weather and many others who have lost their lives and property.

In his homily the Prelate highlighted the significance of the Cross. He reiterated that this sign, which is considered as a curse, evil, crime and the people who rebel, but God used this sign as a symbol of salvation. He invited all present to look up to Jesus when they are bitten up with the serpents of the world. After the Holy Eucharist Archbishop was greeted with a welcome song and then followed by a family meal.

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Inauguration of Auxitech Computer Institute

The 4th of April 2017 was a red letter day for Auxilium Home, Nongthymmai; the kind visit of Mother General, the inauguration of Auxitech Computer Institute and the launching of the Hostel website – http://www.auxiliumhomeshillong.com.

On this day Auxilium Home decked itself festively to give a fitting welcome to beloved Mother General. The beaming faces of the young girls awaited the visit of  mother and on seeing her, they were captivated by her   loving and sweet, smile. They expressed their joy of her presence with a bouquet of fresh orchid and a song entitled ‘Smiling faces…’ truly sung with smiles and melody. After this Mother was invited to cut the ribbon, inaugurating, Auxitech- Computer Institute, in memory of late Sr. Bernadette Sangma who contributed greatly to the realization of this beautiful hostel. On this occasion the gathering also witnessed the launching of Auxilium Home Website

In her short message Mother was appreciative of the initiative taken by the province to cater to the present needs of the young people and exhorted the sisters to give a sound technology education to them. To the young people, residing in the hostel, mother exhorted to live the family atmosphere and positively contribute towards it. She gave her motherly advice on how to use communication technology with liberty, to communicate good news and to be positive in our communication.

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Mother Yvonne Encounters Community Animators

  On 4 April 2017, Mother Yvonne met the thirty one Sisters consisting of the Provincial, Provincial Council and Community Animators. At the outset Mother greeted everyone present with a warm and motherly embrace.

In her encounter with them she opened up her motherly heart guiding and encouraging them to carry out their mission which is entrusted to them particularly as community leaders. She asked them to be happy animators everyday; saying to find out at least one reason to be happy for. Further, she said that to be an animator is not an honour but is a service to the community; the Laity, the young people and the Sisters. She went on to say that if the work that is done is not accompanied by spiritual life it would not bear fruit. She also reminded the Sisters that the young people should see in them that they are consecrated persons and hence they help them feel the presence of God.

An uninterupted session of more than two hours was indeed a deep sharing of Mother Yvonne which really flowed from her motherly heart. The Sisters listened to her with rapt attention; it was as if they were drinking from the unceasing fountain of spiritual depth and a loving heart of the Mother. The session concluded with a group photo along with ‘La Madre’.

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A grand welcome at Auxilium Convent, Nongthymmai – Shillong

On the evening of 3 April 2017, filing themselves at the entrance of the house, the Sisters, Young people, novices, pre-aspirants, hostellers and the Salesian co-operators aw aited the arrival of Mother General to the mother-house of the province. The cloudy day coupled with thunder, rain and storm did not dampen the spirit of these loving daughters who eagerly waited for the appointed time. Everything turned into dry and pleasant sunset scene when Mother arrived and all were in amazement at the wonders the Lord has worked for them.

The arrival of Mother Yvonne resounded the whole campus with the rhythm of dance and songs to the traditional sounds and music. Mother General was accorded with a traditional shawl, called the “Marina” by Sr. Isabella Suja, Provincial, A Khasi garland (paila) by Sr. Eugenia Bareh, a new missionary from the Province and a bouquet of fresh flowers by Sr. Marvella Shangpliang, Vice Provincial. These gestures and symbolic representations added beauty and warmth to the lively and colourful traditional welcome ceremony. Mother Yvonne exclaimed with utmost joy, “I am at home” to which the gathering responded with a loud cheer of happiness and exuberance.

After a brief encounter with the audience, she was taken to the Chapel to thank God for His blessings and grace. In the Chapel a hymn, “Here we are…” by Don Meon set the tone of thanksgiving for such a unique moment of great joy. Mother General highlighted the theme of the visit “Missionaries of Hope and Joy” through the offering of a symbol of a ship at the altar. Entrusting the visit to Mary, Our Mother, Help and Guide, the assembly prayed in unison the “Hail Mary”.

The beautiful day ended with an inspiring message by Mother. She spoke of her joy on seeing her daughters by face not just knowing them by name through the Elenco. Underlining the uniqueness of each sister, she said that each one is a beautiful flower, unique in colour and form and that each one is important in the Institute. She gladdens everyone with the good news that she is happy to celebrate the paschal mystery with us for she expressed that the fervor of the community would surely be contagious. She concluded her message saying that she has come to live these days with the Sisters in a spirit of simplicity and openness.


Inauguration of the Building Extension at Auxilium Saiden

The young people in formation consisting of Aspirants and Postulants were the privilege ones being the first to welcome Mother Yvonne at the doorway to Shillong Province. The festive look of the campus and the loving hearts throbbing with cheer gave a fitting welcome to their dear Mother. On this joyful occasion of the visit, a red letter day 3 April 2017 the community was happy to witness the inauguration of the extension building whose foundation was laid on 12 August 2015.

The unveiling of the plaque by Mother General was preceded with words of welcome and gratitude by Sr.  Marcellina Sangma, Provincial  Economer, who profusely  expressed the gratitude of the province  to Mother General, Sr. Vilma Tallone, the General Bursar and the Chapter members 23, for the financial help extended.  In her message our dear Mother expressed her joy and happiness to be able to encounter the sisters and young people  of Shillong  province in this, 140th Anniversary of Missionary Expedition of  our Institute. She appreciated the Aspirants and postulants  for the warm welcome through songs and dance on the theme “Unity in diversity” She said, “The Institute is a big family permeated by the spirit of  Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello.”  She encouraged the sisters and young people to follow the Lord with joy,  and said, ‘The world needs missionaries of joy and only when we are joyful, we can bring Jesus to the young people’. Furthermore,  she made a gentle reminder to the candidates that they are the hope of the Institute and exhorted them to be generous  to go to the different parts of the world and for that, she said, ‘You need to prepare yourselves well in order to guide young people with competence and quality. Above all to strive always to be holy because our vocation is holiness.’