Training on Writing Techniques

On 13 March 2017 a session on “Writing Techniques” was organized for the boarders of Sacred Heart Convent at its Hall. The participants were the Classes VIII – XII numbering 83 in all. The resource person for the training programme was Sr. Euginia Laloo, Coordinator for Social Communication of the Salesian Sisters, Shillong Province.

At the outset Sr. Mildred Kharsyiemlieh, the Boarding Head Assistant introduced the resource person to the participants. Soon after, Sr. Euginia took up the session. She began the session with a scene enacted by the few boarders as representatives. This was to draw the attention of the girls to the topic that she was dealing with namely writing news reports.

With the help of PowerPoint presentation Sr. Euginia brought home to the girls the ways of writing a news report. She dealt at length on the use of the 5Ws and 1H which constitute the basic information that a news report carry. Drawing examples from the day to day activities she helped the students distinguish between what is news and what is not. Further, she helped the girls to plan the news structure by giving them certain points which they need to consider while writing news. The resource person also gave a tag line to the participants on how a news report should be presented namely it should be precise, accurate, simple and attractive.

Time was given for all the participants to write a news report as part of the practical session. The students felt that they have learnt the ways to write a news report and they resolved to keep writing from time to time in order to be an efficient reporter.