FAITH FORMATION FOR CATHOLIC TEACHERS Zonal meet – Keela Eral 19-11-2016

The faith formation seminar for the catholic teachers of the south zone was held at Sangamam, Keela Eral on Saturday, 19th November 2016. The resource persons were Srs. Madalaimuthu Angela and Arockiam Gracy Rani and the participants were the teachers of the Salesian educational institution of the south

The Seminar began at 9.00 am prayer moments animated by the teachers of R.C. Primary School, Therespuram. This was followed by the welcome address by the teachers of Auxilium College, Regunathapuram.


The seminar had three sessions. Sr. Madalaimuthu Angela animated the first session on the theme ‘Civilization of Love’. She highlighted the Golden words of St. Mother Theresa: “Wherever you go spread your Love’ and explained how Love becomes a creating force’.

The second session was animated by Sr. Arockiam Gracy Rani. She focused on the importance of moral values and the need to use correct methodology in value education. Some of the ideas that she highlighted are: (i) The importance of motivating students by appreciating them; good relationship between students that will assist the students to excel in their studies; the necessity to grasp the importance of moral values and live life accordingly, etc. In order to motivate the teachers to drive home the message to the students that moral values ought to be lived in daily life and in all situations she divided the teachers into four groups: family, society, school and church. Each group was asked to prepare a lesson plan on the following themes: Love, sharing, forgiveness and self respect.


The third session in the afternoon was on the theme ‘Education in the family’ from the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia’ by Pope Francis. Sr, Arokiam Gracy Rani, the resource person, explained about family being the foundation for relationships, values and spirituality. She also used inspiring songs and games that made the session alive and interactive. After the third session, the participants presented the lesson plans that they were asked to prepare after the second session. All the sessions were well-prepared and presented. The participants were glad to have been part of the seminar as it was an enlightening as well as an enriching experience.


On behalf of all the participants of the south zone, I thank the Mother provincial and all the sisters who in one way or the other made the day a wonderful learning experience. It will definitely help us to renew and strengthen our life of faith.


Mrs. Diana (Teacher)

Auxilium Matriculation School                                                                         Therespuram




To enhance lay spirituality that unfolds in family life and its relationships, the province of Chennai gathered the teachers in Zonal level and animated them.

The seminar was conducted in Auxilium College, where 90 of them had participated with enthusiasm. The day was co-ordinated by Sr.Chinnappan Gracy Fatima and Sr.Arockiasamy Verginia Mary joined her as a resource person.
The seminar began at 9.30 a.m. with a prayer and welcome address was given by a teacher from Arni. Rev.Sr.Samala Amalorpavam, the Superior of Auxilium College was present to inaugurate the day with her golden words. She spoke on the urgency of education in the catholic School with the spirit of our founders Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello. She requested the teachers to form the conscience of the Children as the Holy Father recommends the family and School.

The First talk was given by Sr.Verginia Mary on ‘Education in the Family’ as in Amoris Laetitia. She spoke on the responsibility of a family in the field of education coating the apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis.
After the break Sr.Chinnappan Gracy Fatima presented the Methodology for teaching Value Education. In her talk she underlined the importance of the value education and the need to teach the children today. Then she presented some important universal values like truth, responsibility, forgiveness, etc. then she explained in detail how to teach Moral Science in the School.
Soon after the session the teachers were divided into seven groups and given a value for each group and asked them to prepare the lesson according to the method taught. Every group worked seriously and got ready to present it in the afternoon.dsc08433
The third session was dealt by Sr.Gracy Fatima on Civilization of Love – The role of family & School in the light of DOCAT and Laudato si. She explained the main points from the DO CAT and the spirituality of love – here and now. She summarized the salient points from the words of Pope Francis through the famous document Laudato si.dsc08436dsc08437
Then each group presented a model lesson and enriched everyone. As a result teachers found this seminar very useful one for their family life as well as to improve their teaching and to become a good Christian educator. The seminar came to an end with a prayer. A key chain was given to the participants as a token of love.dsc08438
We thank Sr.Susai Josephine Rani, the catechetical coordinator of the Province and Sr.Gracy Fatima and Sr.Gracy Rani who shared their expertise in suggesting the themes and preparing the presentation of the same in all the three zones for the growth of our lay colloaborators in the work of evangelization and education. We owe our thanks to our beloved Mother Provincial Sr.Soosai Magnificat for her guidance and inspiration and promoting unified pastoral activity.dsc08426
Miss.Nisha Priyanthi.J
Polur – Sacred Heart Convent

A Report on Catholic teachers faith formation seminar 19/11/2016 OurLady’s centre,Chetpet, Chennai-31


The Catholic teachers’ faith formation seminar was conducted on 19-11-2016 in Our Lady’s School, Chetpet. Catholic teachers from various schools took part in this faith formation seminar which was a treasure-trove of information to keep them abreast of changes in the society and the challenges of Christian life and to keep one, close to the catholic roots. img_5364

The seminar started with a prayer song and teachers from Our Lady’s School Broadway enacted a parable of “the Unmerciful Servant” or “Parable of the unforgiving debtor”. This was a good start and preparatory step to get involved to know about God’s love, Mercy and forgiveness. It was meaningful as we were on the eve of the conclusion of the extraordinary Jubilee year of Mercy.img_5395

The first session was lead by Sr. Susai Josephine Rani, the General Co-ordinator of the Province, who elaborately discussed about building ‘the civilization of love’ and the need of “Quality change in families” and Quality change in teachers and students”. She insisted about “the community of love” and about the relationship and openness to life. She hinted that there is lack of love, affection, care and understanding in families and gave some ideas to make a change. She said that to allow one’s own self to be the part of quality change. This can be done by committing oneself and one’s family to the intentional practice of all the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, love and understanding within the home and outside of it.img_5469

A documentary film named” Share Happiness” was screened during the seminar. The film revolves around the story of a poor boy, who helps a man by giving clothes. Sr.Josephine shared many stories and small video clippings to make the teachers understand about the real love, faith and about real Christian life.img_5519

She concluded her session with a thought “Love every one even when you are not loved in return” and with a song “Nalla thoru kudumbum” from a Tamil movie. The first session ended at 10:45 Am. There was tea break from 10:45 am to 11:15 am.img_5431

The second session started at 11:15 am and Sr.Maria Joice lead the session. She gave an informative talk on Relationship, Moral Values, Media and spirituality. She said that Relationship, moral values and spirituality is the most meaningful part of one’s life. She added saying that the negative effects of media on children are manifested in terms of their changing mental setup and the declining quality of their lifestyle.img_5541

After the second session there was lunch break from 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm. At 1:30pm games were conducted for the teachers. The games were pertaining to Christian faith. Fatima School teachers conducted Bible games with an intension of increasing the interest of the teachers on Bible, the life giving Word. They also gave prizes for winners as an external motivation.img_5462

The last session started at 2:30pm, Sr.Josephine Rani took over the session. She explained about the values from the Holy bible and shared about the life experience of some great personalities. She also motivated the teachers to follow some methods in the Value education class to make the students grow in the Christian faith. She insisted the teachers to explain to the students about human experience, about Sacred Scripture and make them enact the parables from the Bible, give a glimpse about great personalities and to get feedback from them, which will make them listen, realize, react and grow with God.img_5379

From 3:30pm to 4:00pm the whole session was summed up through an activity. Teachers were split into 8 groups and were given charts, newspapers, sketches and A4 sheets. The task was to exhibit the love in the family and in the society in any creative method using the things given. The teachers did the activity in an interesting, informative and in a creative way. Thus the seminar ended up with a short prayer and vote of thanks at 4:00pm.img_5421

We thank our dear Mother Provincial Sr.Soosai Magnificat who encouraged and made the sisters to share their resources with us, as collaborators in the work of evangelization through education.

Ms.Thalitha Christy Lalliamma. X.T.

Fatima Matriculation School, Kodambakkam.