Homage paid to the Former President of India

The Salesian Sisters of Shillong Province headed by the Provincial Economer,
Sr. Marcellina Sangma were the privileged ones to pay their last respect to the mortal remains IMG_0273of Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at the Shillong Helipad, Upper Shillong in the early hours of 28 July 2015. A beautiful bouquet of flowers was prepared for the occasion with the inscription “India has lost a great person in YOU, We will miss you, Adieu Dr. Kalam”. During the floral tribute by the different dignitaries Sr. Marcellina too represented us and placed the bouquet on our behalf.

The 11th President of India Dr. Kalam who was in office from 2002 to 2007 breathed his last in Bethany hospital, a private hospital in the city of Shillong. The master of life found him ready while he was doing what he liked the most; that is interacting with young people, at the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong. This great visionary of the country has lived his eighty three years of earthly life to the full being all the time IMG_0323an inspiration to all he encountered. His thoughts and words reveal his personality, which abounds godliness and human values. The passing away of this giant of knowledge and virtue has brought a void, which we as educators are inspired to strive and bring forth young people who would follow in his footsteps.


Born on October 15, 1931 at Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu, Kalam went on to become one of the country’s most celebrated aerospace and defence scientists. Dr. Kalam was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1981, Padma Vibhushan in 1990 and Bharat Ratna in 1997 besides hosts of other awards. Shillong is being blessed to receive the parting blessing of such a hero who completed his final sojourn here on earth in our beloved hill station. Rest in peace Sir!


Young people Missionaries of Joy and Hope! Faith Formation for the Catholic Youth, Vellore zone, 11.07.2015

The faith formation programme for the catholic youth was organized on 11th July 2015 at St. Mary’s Convent, Vellore from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm. We were 183 young people participated from the different Salesian houses of Vellore Zone. After the registration, the programme was started with the meaningful prayer, animated by the community of Polur. During the first session Sr. Josephine Rani, the general coordinator and the Catechetical coordinator of the Province, spoke about the Fear of God and the consciousness of Sin. Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom and she enlightened us with many insights, scripture based truth about the Fear of God. The seven deadly sins and the seven pitfalls of the sins were clearly explained with everyday examples and it was an eye opener for us.

The second session was animated by Sr. Suganthi from St. Joseph’s Convent, Arni. She spoke about the Sacredness of Life in which she insisted that the life is a Gift of God and it is meant to be lived. We understood the importance and the sacredness of life and how we are responsible for our own lives and the lives of others.

The active and energetic Sr. Selvi Rayappan from Mary Immaculate Convent shared with us about the importance of Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The Sacredness and the Grace we obtain from these two sacraments were clearly explained to us and we understood the importance of them in our daily life to live as a Children of God and to receive His grace constantly.

All three resource persons animated us very creatively with songs and slogans, to make the session very active and alive. We were very eager and did not feel bored and at the same time we assimilated the points essential to our lives.

We were divided into ten groups consisting of 18 or 19 members and we were asked to express our opinion on” How to evangelize” in the form of the drawing in the chart provided. All the groups presented their ideas creatively and in an unique manner. The group work was very thrilling and all gave their opinions and all the group members felt the oneness even though we came from different institutions and belonged to different age groups. The culmination of the Programme was the Eucharistic celebration. Rev. Fr. Augustine SDB from Veeralur highlighted the importance of being Light to the World and Salt to the Earth. He also explained the importance of living a life of witness amidst the non catholic companions proclaiming Jesus through our words and deeds. All the students were given prizes for our performance and a memento was also given to us. The programme was concluded with the vote of thanks. Here are some of the experiences shared by my friends:

  • The faith formation programme was very helpful to review our knowledge about the Sacraments and the Word of God. – Esther Deepa, III B.Sc Mathematics
  • I feel that this type of programme is very essential to us, young catholic youth as

we are longing for this type of programme. – Sabeena Mary B, III B.Sc Mathamatics

  • The Bible games conducted was very interesting and meaningful and it created a need

to search Word of God. Bhuvana F, III B.Sc Mathematics

  • It was a good opportunity to interact with the other catholic young people. Mary Magdaline, III B.Sc mathematics
  • The chart preparation helped us to think creatively and to interact with each other and

to give some of my ideas and to accept the idea of a person who is even younger than me. Hamitha Vimali, II B.S mathematics

  • “Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom”. This particular word from the Bible

touched me and I will make use of this Word of God in my life. Annie Catherina, III B.Sc Visual Communication

  • Usually young people are very energetic and enthusiastic in all the other matters

except the matters spirituality. The session conducted motivated us to deepen our religious spiritual life and my involvement in it. Infant Clement, II B.A English

  • During Sermon, Rev. Fr. Augustine explained about the nature of the Salt and Light

and God called each Christian to be so. I will try my level best to help others, grow along with me especially in the spiritual matters. Mary Priya, II B.Sc mathematics

May the effort taken by our sisters bear abundant fruit in the life of the young people leading them closer to God who calls us to be holy.

Esther Deepa A, III B.Sc Mathematics, Auxilium College (autonomous), Vellore.



“The Association of Past pupils, the part of the Salesian family offers a vital part for the salvation of the young”. We the Past Pupil proved this by celebrating bicentennial of DB’s birth in a significant manner.

First day programme began with registration at 5.00 pm. Nearly 230 Past pupils participated in this celebration from 22 units. At 5.30 pm. a grand festal procession started with great vigor by active participation of all units holding their flags and placards along with our lovable Mother Provincial, delegates of all units and office bearers marching solemnly.

Prayer always gives positive vibration in our heart & Mind. The prayer service was animated by the Thiruvottiyur Unit followed by prayer dance. DB’s bicentennial flag which was designed in a very special manner was hoisted by our respected Mother Provincial which gave us an honor and pride followed by releasing colorful balloons expressing our love and joy for DB at higher attitude.

A glorious welcome was given to our distinguished Mother Provincial Rev.Sr.Soosai Magnificat, all the delegates of various units, Past pupils and the special invitees by Kodambakkam unit.

An enthusiastic colorful dance performance and a youthful song were given by the students of Thiuvottiyur unit organized by Rev.Sr.Margaret to entertain us all.

The passionate talk was delivered by our Mother Provincial which invoked the salesion charism in us.Her main message was DB’s qualities such as humility, courage, kindness, clear thinking which should be imbibed by us all.


Then the needy students were honored by our Mother Provincial and they were gifted by a set of chuddithar, water Bottle, tiffin box , stationary items and Rs.1000 cash. Then we all gathered for the delicious dinner. After that all assembled for the campfire. Our Mother Provincial declared open the campfire followed by dance, skit and songs by various units in a very dynamic manner which was unforgettable.

This day’s programme came to an end with a short prayer.

Second day’s programme began with a morning meditation which was animated by Sr.Silviya.Then all gathered for Eucharistic celebration to receive abundant blessings from the Lord.

At 9.30 am, an innovative message was given by Rev.Fr.Mani Lazar SDB, Youth animator, Ennore on the topic – “We to be the DB                                           in 21st century”. He insisted all the Past pupils to be proactive, strong and to reflect DB’s life in the world. Take a resolution to become DB and to respond to the situation in a positive way and to be sincere servants in the society.

Then a drama on the theme “DB in the 21st century” was enacted by the Past Pupils in a very inspiring way.

Enjoyable games were conducted for the past pupils and attractive prizes were given to the winners .All the delegates and past pupils were honored by a memorable memento which was gifted by Rev.Sr.Margaret. Group photo was taken to remember this great event in our whole life.

This celebration was indeed a blissful experience for the participants and had really enriched and enlightened us with revitalizing strength to bring fullness and totality in the life of today’s youth.

A heartfelt gratitude to the Thiruvottiyur unit for their hospitality and love. Sincere thanks to Rev.Sr.Margaret, the Provincial delegate of past pupil unit and all the office bearers for co-coordinating this occasion in a successful manner.

Long live Don Bosco!

Media Education Seminar – INM, Our Lady’s, Tiruvottiyur


Media Animation Our lady's TVTMedia is the Magic wand that attracts the attention of the Youth of our times. Media Education could be the force that can regulate the stream of daily life. Hence the Students of  Chennai zone came  together at our  Lady’s Thiruvottiyur, on 25.6.2015 for the Media Education Seminar.Media Club members of St. Francis Xavier Anglo Indian Hr. Sec. School, Broadway welcomed the Chief Guest  Rev. Sr.  Margaret Sebastian Animator of the house and all the students by dancing.

Sr. Rajendran Thimena Celine  Media Coordinator in her first session Media and Me  explained the impact media  on youngsters and the elements of  Media Literacy. In the second session a video clip of a little girl Harshita  was projected to make everyone understand the impact of media invariable of the age factor. The students were explained about the purpose and the functional modality of the Media clubs. The roles and duties of the members of Media club and the need to be active  among their peers was given significance.Media Animation students- Chennai Zone They  were  asked to be regular to conduct meeting once  a month. As Media club members they were urged  to be critical consumers of Media.  During the last session students were given a song to analyse  in the groups,  lyrics, choreography and  cinematography was discussed in detail. At the conclusion of the seminar  Sr. Rajendran Thimena Celine  divided participants  into four groups and they  were  asked to jot down the various initiatives they would like to carry on in their respective schools and they were motivated  to be a catalyst among the students with their  inquisitive and creative skills to be critical consumers and analysers of media.


Media co-ordinators Meet-Our Lady,s chetpet June 21st 2015

As there is the manipulated influence of Media and a strong urge of threat posed on the present generations which easily hampers the target group of our Institute. The FMA Sisters aroused their inner eyes to the reality of the modern youth through Province level Media Co-ordinators Meet held at Our  Lady’s, Photography training at Our Lady's -Chetpet, June 2015Chetpet- Chennai. The meeting was initiated on 20th evening where in a general talk was given on the Social Media and the Mass communication today. Engulfing Photography training at Our Lady's -Chetpet, June 2015 (2)the area on Media, the necessity of photography was also stated with the various angles and shots in demonstrations infusing in them  the desire  to uplift  ignorant minds to socialization.
The next day was simply amazing as the 32 Sisters of the Province soon after the Holy Mass geared up their interest and were divided into 3 clusters. For each cluster, a Camera-man was provided with whom they had to take 10 photography shots of all different modes and a story to be  formulated with innovative and creative skills.

Fr. John Christy SDB director of DBICA, presented Holy Father’s message for the 42nd Social Communication Day “Communicating the Family” He through his visualized media power-point presented the encyclical: LAUDATO SI which means “”Praise be to you”. He enumerated in gist the essential points: On care for our Common Home with the keen emphasis on the aspect of family and silence as an integral part of communication.Media co-ordinators meet-Our Lady's Chetpet-Workshop (2)

Fr. David SDB Assistant director of DBICA in his session stated the new responsibilities of Educators in today’s society with an introduction to Education in Media, the revolution of the Print Media and the Social networks evolving and blooming this era – Facebook, twitter, youtube, blog,  Instagram, and much more.

Sr. Azarias Arockia Mary Selvi the Social Development and Mission Ad/inter gentes co-ordinator started her animation with the theme: Wake up the world and the GC XXIII: Broaden your horizons to become missionaries of joy and hope. She started with provoking question Are we ready to leave the Microscopes and go for the Telescopes?  She enumerated clearly the various things that are taking place today IN THE NAME OF GOD.  Hey Ram and   PK film visuals were discussed to understand clearly even the Sense of God today  is commercialised.

Sr. Rajendran Thimena Celine Media Co-ordinator of the Province indicated some methodologies to be followed in conducting Media Clubs and the tips to be effective Media Coordianators. Sr. Josephine General coordinator concluded the day thanking one another and urged us to be updated in order to uplift youth entrusted to our care. Hoping to change the youth with our well usage of Media all dispersed.

Sr. Rajendran Thimena Celine – INM


The Provincial Team Meet for the year 2015-2016 was held on 14.06.2015 in Mazzarello Convent, Kodampakkam, Chennai. The Meet was presided over by Mother Provincial Rev.Sr. Magnificat Soosai and coordinated by the General coordinator Rev.Sr.Josephine Rani Susai. It is undoubtedly the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit that invokes and nurtures the thoughts of the team members to participate and contribute in active relevance, as the day started with the urge for oneness with God, stimulated by the prayerful experience animated by Sr. Arul Mary.

14.6.15 (10)Rev.Sr.Josephine Rani Susai, the General coordinator welcomed Mother Provincial Rev.Sr. Magnificat Soosai, the Councilors, the new and the old team members, and the lay team members. She facilitated the event and geared up the agenda of the meeting inspiring the group with a short motivational story on ‘scars’ urging the group to give youth the message of God’s unconditional love that never abandons us in spite of our weaknesses.

14.6.15 (11)The discussion began with the enlightening introductory speech of Mother Provincial who presented the Pope’s message to instigate courage to touch the suffering flesh of Christ by offering a kind word, a greeting, a smile, transform lives, wipe away tears, show the way and walk along with the young in the periphery. She illustrated the core component that the vision and mission of Evangelization must start from the self. Like that of light passed through the prism emits the multi-coloured rays, the brief presentation of the various sectors, with the proposed action plan merged in the meeting, reflected the multi- dimensional activities of the province joyfully carried out by the team members.

14.6.15 (8)After a short break and a photo session the delegates were divided into three groups for discussion. The first session was based on ‘The Children of this World are Shrewder’ by Most. Rev. Thomas Menamparamphil. SDB, DD. This fascinating extract chosen for group study focused on the challenges and growing demands of the changing global scenario and recommended to adopt, formulate and implement new creative and innovative pedagogical strategies that could be learnt from the commercialized marketing trends. The discussions enhanced the Salesian communicators to be even more effective and influential to attract the young minds with a planned and positive approach to motivate them for social change in the way of Jesus.

14.6.15 (6)The next session after lunch focused on the concept of Youth Ministry – series 9: ‘Family we listen to you!’ The group discussion concentrated on addressing the needs of the young people with understanding and paying special attention to their family situations. In order to keep up the united spirit of families the groups came out with various suggestive measures to support and motivate families for constructive relationships, to avoid family conflicts and to ensure and inculcate Christian faith formation in Christian families and value based life in all the families of our society.

14.6.15 (13)

Sr. Arockia Mary proposed the vote of thanks and the day was crowned with a hymn of thanksgiving to the Lord. We the members of the team with an enlightened experience and ennobled thoughts left with encouragement and assured will to hold our light and make the world bright.


Ms.P.R.Amutha Arockia Mary

Team Member, Youth Pastoral Sector- INM.