INM- With the Educating Community as Prophets of Joy and Hope….17.01.2015

DSC_0418Don Bosco and Maria Domenica Mazzarello, in their apostolic experience, laid great emphasis on the value of the community as the privileged place of education. The Educating Community, animated by the Family Spirit, is an effective way to educate when it mirrors the criteria that characterise a Salesian Environment. It implies encounter, collaboration and reciprocity. On 17.01.2015, the annual meeting of the Educating Community at the Zonal level was held at Our Lady’s, Chetpet, Chennai, St. Mary’s, Vellore and Auxilium, Tanjore with the participation of representatives of the young people, teachers, parents, Salesian Cooperators, Past Pupils and members of VIDES. The input sessions consisted of the Experience of GCXXIII with its thrust, ‘BROADEN THE HORIZONS – WITH THE YOUNG, MISSIONARIES OF HOPE AND JOY’, the call of Pope Francis ‘NO LONGER SLAVES, BUT BROTHERS AND SISTERSin his message for the World day of Peace, the Strenna of the Rector Major ‘LIKE DON BOSCO, WITH THE YOUNG AND FOR THE YOUNG’ and the programme of the UNO on the themes of the International Year ‘LIGHT AND LIGHT-BASED TECHNOLOGIES, and ‘HEALTHY SOILS FOR A HEALTHY LIFE’. The well prepared visuals presented the content with great clarity and precision calling for responsible action plan. The participation was total from the youngest member of the elementary school to the senior most teachers and the parents.


The afternoon session was a lively discussion in groups with the complete involvement of every one contributing eagerly to the practical implementations of the directives given. The sharing of the above in the general assembly kept every one alert and the interactive session ended with the firm resolve of the participants to start straight away realising the action plan at the personal, community, family and social levels. The outcome of the proceedings of the Zonal Level Educating Community Meetings will form the basis of the Plan and Project for the Year 2015 -’16. For the 350 members who had taken part in the educating community meeting at the three zones, it was a joyful experience of working together with the young and for the young and to be with them MESSENGERS OF JOY AND HOPE!

  • Alphonsa Maria Yettukuri, INM

Province Level Quiz on Don Bosco INM – 14.01.2015 Initiative for the bicentennial year of the birth of Don Bosco “ Like Don Bosco with the young and for the young”


What joy it is to celebrate the bicentennial year of the birth of our father and founder Don Bosco with the young people. We live it as the year of festivity, of rebirth, of re-discovery, of the timeliness of the charism of Don Bosco. With this spirit the quiz programme was organized in our Province. It was conducted in the three zonal levels at first. The winners   from the zones appeared for the finals.

The final competition was conducted in Auxilium convent – Madurai. Sr.Amirthanatan Maria Pushpsm the animator of the community and provincial councilor addressed the participants in the name of our Provincial with the thought of Don Bosco and encouraged them to participate in the competition actively. Sr. Jebamani Rosario the Youth Pastoral coordinator along with Sr.Josephine Rani Susai, the General coordinator conducted the competition.


There were 29 girls from North, Chennai and South zone. The girls between 14 to 19 years were divided into 3 groups and from each group the winners were identified with great discretion. The children were very competitive and vibrant in answering. Through different and creative rounds the first three toppers in the three groups were elected for the award. They will be awarded on the provincial gratitude day on the 24th January 2015.


We are grateful to our dear Mother Provincial, Sr.Soosai Magnificat for her guidance and accompaniment in our journey with the young people towards salesian sanctity.

Sr.Dominic Switha INM


jose vaz   It was a great and wonderful day as in all the churches and chapels in Goa bells began to chime to mark the canonization and to honour the son of the soil Saint Jose Vaz. With 2015-01-13t105143z109221477gm1eb1d1g5t01rtrmadp3pope-srilankathe canonization Saint  Jose Vaz, we have the first native Goan to be ordained a saint and the third Indian to be conferred the Catholic honour.

St. Jose Vaz migrated to Sri Lanka as a missionary in the 17th century, is incidentally the island nation’s first saint. Celebrations are taking place in the different places in Goa  to honour the saint especially in  Sancoale and in Benaulim.  In Benaulim he had his home where he was born at Pulvaddo, Benaulim which still exists. This is where he was born, baptized and grew up as a toddler. The Church of St John, Benaulim parish already has a shrine dedicated to him.

But a much bigger shrine dedicated to St. Jose Vaz is found at Sancoale, his paternal home, where he grew up. The few surviving rooms of this still in-existence villa were converted into a shrine in course of the sainthood process and is now called the Oratory of Bl. Joseph Vaz.

Part-DEL-Del6386818-1-1-0The entire village of Sancoale today feels sanctified with the knowledge that a saint walked these paths, prayed in these churches.

His credentials were so solid that he was ordained a secular (Diocesan) priest in 1676, at a time when no native Indians were being admitting into religious orders (the first native became a religious priest only in 1700).

Vaz’s journey to his karmabhoomi Sri Lanka is as religious as it was to do with the geopolitical realities of the time. The Portuguese had lost Sri Lanka to the Dutch in 1662. Under the Dutch, Calvinism, a major Protestant branch was the official religion and reports of Catholics being persecuted started filtering into Portuguese-held territories.

St. Jose Vaz is credited with having entered into Sri Lanka disguised as a coolie (his Pope Francisnative complexion clearly helping) and preached and propagated the Catholic faith, all the while living under the scanner of the ruling Dutch, after the island was officially abandoned by the Portuguese and the priests along with them.

Despite the struggles, St. Jose Vaz continued to communicate with Goa through letters smuggled out of the country by the Jesuits.

josevaz_130115-2Jesuit archives reveal that Fr. Andrew Freyre the Jesuit provincial of the Malabar region had reported to the Viceroy of Goa that St. Jose Vaz had worked in the district of Jaffnapatam “with apostolic spirit and zeal” and that he were “held by all to be a saint.”

His cause for sainthood began in 1737, barely 36 years after his death by the Jesuit Bishop of Cochin Dom Francisco de Vasconcellos. It was however, asked to be re initiated due to “non-fulfilment of certain essential formalities” and was reinitiated only in 1953 after a first miracle attributed to St. Jose Vaz took place in 1938.

15hp0017The miraculous birth of Fr Cosme José Costa in November 1938, when doctors had given a 99 percent chance that both the mother and child would die due to severe hemorrhage was finally approved as a miracle by Pope John Paul II in 1993 leading to José Vaz’ beatification in Sri Lanka in 1995.


The joy of encounter experienced at Jeevan Day care centre near Arni, by Auxilium school Educating community, Anmarudai. , 20.12.2014

100_1568How lovely it is to share the joy with others especially with the mentally challenged children!. Yes, from Auxilium School, Anmarudai representatives of students, all our teachers, representatives of educating community members, Sr.Irudayamary, superior and Sr.Josephine Rani, headmistress went to Jeevan Day Care Centre for Differently abled children at Saidapet, Arni. Mr.Muthu, the organizer of the NGO gladly invited us and our school children gave a short cultural programme which delighted the hearts of the inmates there. We offered them our gifts of love – stationary things, new clothes, snacks and some cash from the charity day collections. May God bless our school children and their parents for their generosity and sharing attitude.


INM – Provincial Team Meet along with the Lay Team members, 04.01.2015, Auxilium Home, Katpadi. To be the servants of communion and of the culture of encounter….

“Reach the fringes that await the light of the Gospel. Inhabit the frontiers. Be servants of communion and of the culture of encounter” – Adhering to the voice of Pope Francis we, the Provincial Team members gathered together on 4th January 2015 at Auxilium Home, Katpadi.IMG_1348
At the very start of the day Sr.Josephine Rani, the General coordinator, motivated the members with the short story eliciting the theme ‘He gave us all he had and he gave it gladly’. Mother Provincial gave us an introductory talk exhorting us to widen our vision and become prophets of joy and hope to the young people today. We then had input sessions on Pope Francis’ Peace Message, Strenna of the Rector Major, UNO theme and the General Chapter Orientation. Sr.Lourdu Sagayam, Sr.Azaria Selvi, Mrs.Mary Gabriel – Lecturer at Auxilium College, and Sr.Tamizharasi respectively. In the afternoon session we discussed about the caption for the backdrop and the questions for discussion during the Annual Educating community meet to be held at zonal level. At the end, Sr.Alphonse Yettukuri, the Vice Provincial, gave us a concluding talk inviting us to be with the young people, Prophets of hope and joy. Sr.Azaria then thanked the General coordinator for her service and thanked the members for their cooperation. Active participation of the lay team members though few added vitality to the group. Let our every encounter lead us to weave the fabric of fraternal relationship marked by reciprocity and complete self-giving.
  • Josephine Rani Susai, INM IMG_1366

Love shared at Christmas – Auxilium School, Anmarudai.

Love came down at Christmas! Yes joy filled the hearts as the Auxilium school children gathered to celebrate Christmas at Anmarudai on 20.12.2014. Colourful dance, meaningful skit and the arrival of Santaclause made the children exuberant. It was wonderful to see the admiration, wonder on the face of the little ones as we shared love and joy along with the Christmas message, distribution of cakes and clothes for the poor children of our school. May the birth of Jesus bring life and joy all around us!

Sr.Josephine Rani Susai, INM, Anmarudai.

Christmas celebrations at Auxilium Nursery and Primary School, Anmarudai.

Christmas celebrations at Auxilium Nursery and Primary School, Anmarudai.