Twin Celebration

Feast day of   St. Francis Xavier & Christmas


Feast day of  our patron St. Francis Xavier  and Christmas was celebrated  on   Third  December   with jubilation and celebration. The prayer service set us in mood to  intensify our staunch faith and thereby hastening for the preparations to  seek the kingdom of God. DSC02494To exhibit and extend gratitude the  students  danced to the rhythm chanting the  praises and glories St. Francis Xavier.

The tiny tots from the primary section  animated the Christmas play.
With the sweet Angelic voices dressed in the style of  Santa they sang the Carols.The  chief guest Rev. Sr. Puspa Jeya imparted the Christmas message for the day and instilled in the minds of the Students the meaning of Christmas is sharing and it has to be revealed in our celebration.

DSC02496Class wise the students were well prepared to sing the Christmas Carols. The whole school was filled with sweet singing of Carols and an atmosphere of happy tidings of  Christmas


Inaguration of the year of consecrated  life

    Mary is the perfect woman who consecrated  herself faithfully and fruitfully, Invoking her assistance to make our life an offering worthy of God.The Community of   St. Francis Xavier, Broadway  gathered in front of Mother Mary and sang Magnificat, “Acknowledging the wonder works of God in each one’s life and in turn through them to the recipients.


Recipients offered  sisters a lighted lamp to bestir the light of Christ to the world. Sisters were happy  to receive a copy of the book  “Rejoice” to deepen & interiorize their commitment  in this year of consecrated life.

Media Fest

St. Francis Xavier Anglo Indian School – Broadway, Chennai.


The school campus was  filled with galore as it was the Media Fest at St. Francis Xavier Anglo Indian School, Broadway, Chennai.

The Media Club President Ms.Keerthi gave a warm welcome.  Presentation of the theme “Communication towards an  authentic culture of  Encounter”  through a skit was well depicted by students of  seventh and eighth. songs which have become the part and parcel of today’ youngsters life was  analyzed by a team of  media club students.


The trend and rhythmic change of dances was well depicted by  a fusion  dance of folk and classical. Media day without the merits and demerits would surely be meaningless so considering the school children in this regard a skit was enacted. Special Guest of the day Dr. Magimai Pragasam- Signis National Member influenced the minds of the children with his wonderful speech on understanding and using Media in right way, with right proportion in our day to day life. He emphasized when exposed to Media to be cautious  about   the content, presentation, and techniques.DSC02444

The Media Club students were given a seminar on “Effective Communication” with group dynamics and lot of interactivity in the session.

DSC02455In the afternoon Mr. Solomon, an experienced person in the field of Media and who headed one of the FM inspired the students with His wonderful session. He conducted a few games and urged the students to understand SOFI (struggle, Opportunities, Fear, Intellectual power) as his theme making best use of one’s  resources in order to be resourceful. The students were very much informed and enlightened.



(Sr. Priya Tauro)  “Are not our hearts burning?” was the key question rooted deep in the hearts of the  disciples of Emmaus (Luke 24: 13-35) as they encountered the risen Jesus. They walked back to Jerusalem with joy as they were accompanied with the Divine Light of Christ the Lord. This icon of the GC XXIII of “Jesus with the two disciples of Emmaus” was explained with these key words “Listening, Meeting, Decision to continue the journey.”

????????????????????????Sr. Wilma De Souza, our Provincial and Sr. Teresa Joseph, Province delegate to GC XXIII  transmitted effectively the experiences and the proposals of the GC XXIII. They made use of lively Audio visuals and photo clippings to bring alive the spirit-filled moments they lived at the General Chapter in Rome.

The contents of the Chapter document was divided into 5 chap????????????????????????ters which was briefly and enthusiastically  presented to us through their personal experiences and anecdotes by Sr. Wilma and Sr. Teresa.   We also had the opportunity to pray and share with each othe????????????????????????r our own reflection on the GC XXIII Icon which has powerfully guided our sisters at the Chapter.  During the good night Sr. Wilma presented a number of books which will help each of us in the community for the year of the Consecrated and the DB Bicentenary Year.

It was a rich and enriching time for all of us who participated in the GC Transmssion and we returned back with the disciples of Emmaus with hearts burning with love to give this resurrected Jesus to the young people who are our Holy ground. We are very grateful to our Provincial, Sr. Wilma De Souza and Sr. Teresa Joseph for their enthusiasm in sharing with us their lived experience of  the General Chapter XXIII.  We can truly say that we are inspired, encouraged and “re-flamed” as we make a decision to continue our journey as joyous Consecrated Women.


English Language Enhancement Programme 21st to 25th September 2014 Auxilium Nursery and Primary School, Anmarudai

100_1033“A teacher who is attempting to teach, without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn, is hammering on a cold iron.” – Horace Mann (1796-1859)
With great enthusiasm, 24 of our Teaching staff from Auxilium Nursery and Primary School and 5 from St.Mary’s Teacher Training Institute, Anmarudai participated in the English Language Enhancement Programme from 21st to 25th September 2014. The resource person was Professor Santharaj Muthiah from Ramakrishna Engineering College, Trichy. As he is qualified in IELTS (International English Language Testing System) from British Council, Bangalore, his methodology of teaching is unique, evoking the desire for learning English language and to hone language skills in the areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. He achieved the above goal through modern computer softwares like “English 20-Interactive” from “Readers Digest” and “English Club” from “British Council” and “Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary-Software” for Phonetics and pronunciation, enhancing effective learning. In fact, our staff have immensely benefited from his expertise and acquired language proficiency to interact better with children instilling in turn a better quality education in our school. Our staff are well initiated into a lifelong process of acquiring English language ability, and the need to learn more was enkindled at every step. We were also impressed by the hard work, commitment and a meticulous attention shown by the resource person to those teachers who were lagging behind.

We hope that our every effort to ensure quality upgrading of our staff leads towards quality education in our educational institutions and thus our work may be distinguished in our locality for its excellence. We are glad to recount that the members of the educating community were very much appreciative of this initiative and cooperated with us by sponsoring meals, ice-cream and snacks for the teachers during the seminar. The staff were grateful to the management for having arranged such programme which is really a contribution for the progress of our society as a whole.

Sr.Josephine Rani Susai

Bible Week Celebrations at Auxilium Nursery and Primary School, Anmarudai 18th to 22nd August 2014

100_0888It was a wonderful enlightenment for our school children who participated in the Bible week celebrations for one week. The kids were becoming the heralds of Good News of God’s love for the other children in the school. The very first day began with the Catholic children’s performance followed by other classes. They brought out the importance of Bible – the love letter of God to humanity- through a meaningful prayer moment, enactment from the Bible, Dance and Singing. It was amazing to see the little ones saying the Bible verses from their memory and saying them with fluency. Indeed it was a great opportunity to proclaim God’s Good News amidst the Non – Catholic children.
We thank the teachers who put in lot of effort to train the children and made the celebration a joyous and a meaningful one for the entire week. May the name of Jesus be made known in every corner of the world !
Ms. I. Jacqulin, Anmarudai



        IMG_2435  Responding to the request of Pope Francis,” to use the modern media in a way to reveal a presence that encourages so that nobody is excluded” we the staff and students of Auxilium matriculation school keela Eral , celebrated MEDIA FEST in Auxilium Matriculation school and made it a splendid event  in order to promote media awareness among the recipients.

The celebration had a week of preparation conducting various competitions like speech, essay writing, slogan writing, and exhibition on the theme- Media at the service of humanity. The students participated with their full interest and creativity.  It was a wonderful and fruitful experience both for the students and the staff. On the final day 29.11.2014 there was 
IMG_2413 a grand celebration honoring the winners of different competitions with the prizes.

The day’s event started with the prayer for all those work in the communication department and service of people. Mrs.Manimozhi professor from Don Bosco college of arts and science Keela eral was invited as a chief guest of the day and she enlightened the children with her jovial yet informative talk on media. She explained to the children the ways to use the modern media in a responsible manner. The contact period candidates presented a theme “Communication at the service of an authentic culture of encounter” through their dance and drama. We conducted “Neeya, Naana” panel discussion for the students and made them to share and express their knowledge about media. IMG_2429They also presented their creative work on media for exhibition. The best was awarded by the chief guest. The day was a memorable one for each one in the school campus. At the end the children made a pledge to use the modern gadgets  of communication like net, mobile etc in a worthy manner  for the good of self others.