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New Book – Two Popes who knew how to Pope

This book: Two Popes who knew how to Pope is ‘special’ for us its authors because Don Two Popes who knew how to PopeBosco, our Father and Founder passed on to us a special love for the Holy Father. This book is dedicated to Don Bosco Father and Teacher of Young People & Founder of the Salesian Family as we look forward to the Bicentenary of the Birth of Don Bosco our Father (1815-2015).

Archbishop Felix Machado in his foreword refers to the book as: “beautiful, timely and very interesting.” The book carries also a special message from our dear Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio.

Teresa Joseph fma and Banzelão Teixeira sdb belong to the Salesian Family founded by Two Popes who knew how to Pope 2Don Bosco dedicated to the integral development of young people. Together they have earlier published books meant for Families and Teens including: An animation book for the family titled Stay Connected in the Circle of Love (Media House, 2007), Teen Q’s: On Love and Relationships (Media House, 2009), Teens Your Key to Success (Asian Trading Publications, 2010), From Teenage to Adulthood (Better Yourself Books, 2012), Building Relationships Unusual Questions Teens Ask (Media House, 2013).

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The Daughters of St Paul (Pauline Publications) have published this book and the cost is 200 Rupees

FMA PCI 2014

PCI 2014 3(Sr. Teresa Joseph) The participants of FMA PCI: Provincials of the six FMA Provinces and the Elected delegates to GC XXIII, arrived at Auxilium Provincial House Guwahati, all set to begin the most important meeting. The FMA INDIA PCI Meet is from 14 -16 April 2014.

There is a feeling of gratitude welling up in our hearts: gratitude for the Father’s PCI 2014 2unconditional love for each of us that we have experienced during these days of meeting in various ways, the inaugural Eucharistic Celebration and the various prayer moments, the warm welcome by Sr. Elizabeth George and her Sisters, the animation of Sr. Crescentia our PCI president, the contribution of our facilitator of the day, the inaugural address and the goodnight by our dear Sr. Kathleen Taylor – Presiding General Councillor, our sharing on the working document and gratitude for all the Sisters and helping staff of the provincial house of ours. On 14th April, many fruitful hours were spent in study and reflection of the working document of GC XXIII. Sr. Kathleen Taylor presented the document very clearly and invited the participants to study it from two perspectives: that of the PCI and of the Institute.

PCI 2014 5After few hours of personal reading of the document, the participants met in groups and then in general assembly for sharing and mutual enrichment. Planning for the Liturgical and other significant moments of GC XXIII, discerning the future thrust of FMA India are some of the other significant points of our reflection. The Gospel text depicting the two disciples of Emmaus enlightened our minds and hearts throughout these days of study and reflection. Auxilium Provincial House Guwahati has its own charm and beauty and this year there is an added beauty which is brought by the loving and dynamic presence of our 17 young Junior Sisters. Their presence is actively felt in every corner of the house.