FMA INDIA National Coordinators’ Meet

The Meeting of the FMA INDIA National Coordinators at Sacred Heart Convent, Avalahalli, Bangalore commenced at 9 a.m. on August 31, 2013, with a moment of prayer which set tone to the day. Sr. Lydia Komura, the new National General Coordinator welcomed Sr. Crescentia D’ Almeida, President of the FMA PCI, and Sr. Alice Chacko, the outgoing National General Coordinator, and the nine National Coordinators who were present for the meeting. Sr. Alice gave us a brief history of how the FMA National Coordinators came into existence. The participants were much enlightened and made aware of its aim, namely to bring about Unity to FMA INDIA. The need to feel one as FMA INDIA, the sharing of resources and expertise among the Indian provinces and the setting up of a permanent office for the FMA National Coordinators were some of the aspects highlighted.  The FMA National Coordinators shared the report of their respective sectors with its achievements, challenges, hopes and future plans. The presence of Sr. Crescentia and Sr. Alice, their timely interventions and practical suggestions were much appreciated and valued by the National Coordinators.



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