Marking the Year of Faith… (INM)

Bible Week Celebrations amidst the little ones of Auxilium Nursery and Primary School! Anmarudai – INM, from 19th to 24th August 2013 IMG_2190IMG_2192It as wonderful to see the joy on the face of the children as they had one week of Bible week celebrations. The kids were becoming heralds of Good News for the other children in the school. They brought out the importance of the Bible, the Love letter of God for humanity, through meaningful prayer moments, enactment from the Bible, dances, songs etc. It was amazing to see the IMG_2184little ones saying the Bible verses from their memory with fluency. What an opportunity to Proclaim the Good News amidst the non catholic children! The heavens would rejoice at their marvellous performance! We thank the teachers who put in lot of effort to train the children and made the celebrations joyous, meaningful and memorable one for everyone. May the Name of Jesus be made known in every corner of the earth as it is made known in the small little village of Tamilnadu!

 Sr.Josephine Rani Susai fma, INM


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