Social Media Exposure for Intensive Juniorate Sisters, Shillong

The Intensive Juniorate Sisters had Social Media Exposure Programme on 10 – 18 April  2018. Sr. Euginia Laloo Social Communication Coordinator of the Province was the animator for the same.

During the seven days of classes many topics have been dealt by the resource person. Some of them are checking the security settings on Facebook, a glimpse of twitter, using email effectively, creating a blog, using whatsapp wisely, skype etc.

It helps me not only for now but in the future mission says Sr. Sandra one of the participants of the programme.


Positive Use of Media for Novices of Shillong

A two-day program on Positive Use of Media was organized for the twenty eight Novices of Shillong Province at Immaculate Heart Novitiate, Bellefonte on 21 and 23 March 2018. Animating them was Sr. Euginia Laloo, Coordinator for Social Communication.

The topics dealt were understanding communication and its impact. The group also reflected on the message of the Holy Father, Pope Francis for the World Communications Day which speaks about countering fake news with journalism for peace. Some activities were also conducted to keep the group alive and most importantly drawing lessons from them.













Today we celebrate 95 glorious years of FMA presence in India. The six pioneers Sr. Teresa Balestra,Sr. Maria Angeleri, Sr. Caterina Marnetto,             Sr. Luigina Appiano, Sr. Consiglia Tarricone and Sr. Teresa Merlo set sail from Turin reached the Gateway of India ( Mumbai) on 18 November 1922 and later set foot at Tanjore – Tamil Nadu on 22nd November.We are grateful to God for the wonders He works in India. FMA INDIA stands tall in the mission of young people.The seven Provinces of FMA INDIA praise and our Heavenly Queen and Mother for her constant help and assistance. May we glow and grow under her loving mantle! FMA INB Province remembered to pray for the all the Provinces and implored God to make us holy each day and grant us many vocations to our FMA India Provinces.  



Seeking the well being of the children, has always been and will continue to be the most universally cherished aspiration of humankind. Children’s day – ‘a day marking childhood’ was celebrated on 19th November 2017 in Manikandam, Tiruchirapalli for about 100 children frequenting the Sunday Oratory from three centres. The theme of the day focused on children and their rights.  This occasion was celebrated with grand splendor and fiesta. The celebration commenced with a prayer, followed by a dance, pyramid display, speech by Sr. Cruz Anthoni Michaela the animator and Mother Mistress of Divyadhanam Novitiate – Trichy, Mr. Rajini the ward member of Ambethkarnagar, on being smart and the rights and duties of children respectively.

The programme of the day was interspersed with the creative activities reminding the children of their basic rights. The campus was buzzing with excitement and joy of colourfully dressed children taking part in various activities and a participatory game – Treasure Hunt. The Children’s day was impregnated with immense moments of joy, enthusiasm and magnificence for the children animated by Sr. Azarias Arockiamary , Sr. Antony Rayappan Jothy, novices and the ex oratorians of the centre namely Pradeep, Varun, Veerapandi, Hari, Shakthi and Vijay.

Being the First World Day of the Poor, paying heed to the exhortation of the Holy father “the poor are the flesh of Christ… love them not in words but in deeds”, the entire community had the joy of inviting the poor children as honored guests of the table and concluded the celebration with a shared meal. May these happy moments of their childhood linger on in their minds forever.

At the end of the day the community gathered around the Eucharistic Lord, pondering on Pope Francis’ invitation to men and women of good well to reach out to the poor. The prayer concluded with the singing of our Father enabling us to recognize our need to overcome every form of selfishness in order to enter into the joy of mutual acceptance.







August 5th 2017 – Feast of Our Lady of Snow – INT

5thAugust the Feast of Our Lady of Snow was a significant moment in the annals of the Province to sing together with joy the wonders of Mary in our institute and our 

Province. God in his Providential Care has given Our Lady of Snow as the Patroness of the Province. The Sisters were fortunate to celebrate this feast in order to recall the past, renew the present and live the future with hope. All the communities prepared for this great occasion to entrust the entire Province to our Lady.  The Province assisted the sisters to cherish the historical significance of this feast through various initiatives. All the formative and  liturgical moments of the day highlighted the importance of the day. This was an occasion to prayerfully remember the sisters who made and will make their first Profession and celebrate their Jubilee on this beautiful day.  The prayer of entrustment which is compiled this year will be utilized every year to renew the entrustment to our Blessed Mother.



Paying heed to the clarion call of the Mother General – “Let us accept the appeal to depart again like the ongoing Church, rediscovering the missionary face of the Institute, in synchrony with the young, missionaries of other young people.  I invite you to retrace this journey together with faith and hope, in the certainty that you will know how to accept it and actualize it with a missionary heart”  the Sisters of  INT ventured with zeal and enthusiasm to celebrate the   First Missionary expedition of the Institute.

 United with the FMAs the world over, the Province of Our Lady of Snow – INT celebrated the 140th   year of the First Missionary Expedition to Montevideo – Uruguay on 14th November 2017.   It was an occasion of joy to render praise, thanks & glory to God for the marvels of His love experienced in the Institute through the valiant missionaries – Sr. Angela Vallese (23), Sr. Giovanna Borgna (17),                    Sr. Angela Cassulo (25),                    Sr. Angela Denegri (17),                         Sr. Teresa Gedda (24), and                   Sr. Teresa Mazzarello (17) .

            The entire Province prepared for this historical event with the triduum.  From  11th  – 13th November 2017, the Sisters studied and assimilated – “Broaden your vision – with the Young Missionaries of Hope and Joy –  a Missionary Outlook”,  Letters of Mother Mazzarello addressed to the First Missionaries and the characteristic traits of our courageous pioneers to India respectively.                                        The liturgical moments solemnized on 14th November in each community with the entire educating community revived the missionary ardour of the Sisters and renewed their commitment to be available where the Lord calls them for the work of education and evangelization especially to the poorest young people in the periphery.